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A Simple Business Proposal Software Product

Creating business proposals has never been easier. Our professional business proposal software application helps increase productivity and efficiency. Gone are the days where sales quotes and business proposals are created by hand. JippityJack helps with automation and simplicity when creating quotations and keeps the whole process online so you can use JippityJack whenever and wherever you wish.

Negotiate Business Proposals

Our business proposal software allows you and your customers to negotiate business proposals online. Negotiateing with your clients online can speed up the negotiation process drastically and increase your win rate. The JippityJack software has helped lots of businesses secure deals by giving their customers the ability to negotiate quickly and efficiently.

Create Mobile Ready Business Proposals

JippityJack attaches a mobile responsive business proposal to your quotation. Your business proposal can include various details about your business.

Informative Dashboard Analytics

View information about you and your team so you can quickly see what recent activity has been happening. See what enquiries you and your team are working on and what quotations are in the pipeline. See where your quotations are and what their current state is visually. Receive advice on how to increase your productivity and receive alerts to tasks that require to be completed soon.

Basecamp® Interactions

JippityJack works seamlessly with Basecamp®. Once you have won a quotation, simply convert it into a Basecamp® project with one click.

Basecamp Project Management
Review of JippityJack,

Negotiating deals has never been easier

We quote on a daily basis and we were in desperate need of an automated system. JippityJack was the answer. Our guys can log potential business wherever they go fast and easily. The negotiation process is very handy and has managed to provide us with an angle we never had before and has ultimately won us more business. There are other applications out there but none of them look as good on mobile than JippityJack. It is such as simple system, virtually idiot proof (which is exactly what we needed), and it’s free!

Score: 5 out of 5. Tom Hayes Sales Manager, MGM UK

Who Should Use JippityJack?

JippityJack business proposal software can be considered as a mini CRM system and is ideally suited to businesses who want a system to automatically send professional sales quotations out to customers.

JippityJack is a simple 'does what it says on the tin' business proposal application. There is no learning curve required to use JippityJack and users can start creating and sending proposals straight away.

Negotiating business deals can be a daunting task for beginners in business as a lot of people don't like the face-to-face negotiations. JippityJack does this for you by taking the process online removing the need to travel large distances and attending inconvenient negotiation meetings.

JippityJack will allow you and your customer to negotiate a business deal securely online. Your business proposals are stored in the cloud and are accessed via the customers own private cloud based portal. Once there, you and your customer can negotiate until a deal can be made.

Increase Productivity

Some poeple just don't have enough time in the day to sit and create sales quote after sales quote all day. This can take up alot of time and removes focus from other aspects of every day business.

Why not create and send sales quotes online from the comfort of your own office. Send sales proposals far and wide and give your customers a new and secure method of negotiating where they are as involved in the sales process as you are. JippityJack can help you increase the amount and frequency of proposals you send thus increasing your productivity.

Creating Sales Quotations has Never been Easier

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